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Ing. Alfonso Ducreux.

The Importance of English in Business


We have a world of opportunities because of our geographical position. Many job positions needed by multinationals, which invest in our country every day, cannot hire or fill their positions due to a lack of professionals who speak English fluently, at intermediate or high levels.

The growing market share of emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil and Russia need the English language as a basis for communication in international business.

Among the reasons that make learning and mastering the English language a great ally in business are:

  • It is considered the main language of international organizations.
  • 85% of communications occur in English.
  • It is the language of international contacts.
  • Most of the information available on the Internet is in English.
  • Well-paid job offers require your oral and written skills.
  • In international contracts their clauses are in English, giving priority over any other language.

In the world of maritime and international business, the solutions of commercial conflicts are carried out in the English language, the technical port terms such as: bill of landing, icoterms are carried out in the English language.

The Panamanian Logistics sector, including ports and the Panama Canal represent almost 20% of the Gross Domestic Product of Panama, one of our country goals is to become an International Logistics Hub, apart from the technical and theoretical training is required trained personnel with command of the English language.

Speaking English is a determining tool to capitalize on opportunities for personal and professional growth, besides allowing you to enrich and expand your vision of the world and cultural business of the world through mastery of the language.

Ing. Alfonso Ducreux.

Publicado el Oct 17, 2019 10:30:22 AM



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